It is probably the coolest Viking metal festival out there. It’s our own festival located in our home town Norrtälje and we have gathered the best bands in the genre just for you!

23rd and 24th of August 2019. You can buy 1 day or 2 day tickets. Please note that Friday 23rd is exclusive with a maximum of 150 tickets; Manegarm will play an acoustic set indoors for a smaller audience. Bars are open all evening. 24th – Main day. All 7 bands play on the outdoor stage. See schedule for all the information.

1 day – 395 SEK
2 day – 595 SEK

Access on 24th of August 2019 (Main festival day). 7 great bands will rock your shorts off on the open air stage.

Access for both days: 23rd of August and 24th of August 2019 On the 23rd Manegarm will play an exclusive acoustic set indoors and there will only be a maximum of 150 tickets for this evening. The 24th is the main festival day with 7 great bands on the big stage and other cool things happening.

Purchase your ticket through Tickster.com or on here.

Well… If we catch you it’s blood eagle-time for you my friend.

Manegarm Open Air will take place at Pythagoras industrial museum in Norrtälje.
Adress: Pythagoras Industrimuseum
Verkstadsgatan 6
761 43 Norrtälje
Webpage: pythagorasmuseum.se
You can go there by car. If you come by bus to Norrtälje it’s not more than a 10 minutes walk from the bus station to the festival. Click here for further information.

No, unfortunately there is no camping area next to the festival area. Check out “Accommodation” for a place to stay.

There are a couple of places to stay when visiting Norrtälje, both hotels and cheaper hostels/B&B’s.

Hotel roslagen/best western
Pensionet Granparken

Hostel/Bed & Breakfast
Vandrarhemmet Hvilan
Sven Fredriksson B&B

Norrjalje Camping

If you don’t find any available rooms in Norrtälje, Stockholm is just 1 hour away with several different options.

No, you cheap m***er f***er, you can’t! Buy your beer in the bars at the festival.

Yes, you can. Both vegetarians and extreme meat-eaters.

You can pay with cash (Swedish crowns) at the festival. The most common credit cards such as Master Card, VISA etc. will also be accepted.

No, not on site. You can find ATMs in the central parts of Norrtälje.

Of course, you can.

There are not any volunteer opportunities available at this time. Please check back for more updates!

We want MOA to be the best of festivals and we do not tolerate any racist, sexist or any other f***ed-up statements or actions! If you cannot be respectful at all times you will be dismissed from the festival. And maybe a little bit of blood eagle…

A wooden chair will probably have a blast at MOA so YES! Come to Norrtälje and Manegarm Open Air and take part of this amazing fest, you will never regret it!

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